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Bartasar Garzón

ILOCAD: International Legal Office for Cooperation & Development

ILOCAD is a modern and innovative law firm with a difference. It grows and develops through the guidance of Baltasar Garzón, who having worked as a judge of the first instance and examining magistrate holds a strategic view of defence. He believes in the interaction of people and in collaboration through inter-disciplinary teams, providing extra value to the legal processes.


ILOCAD SL (International Legal Office for Cooperation and Development), the law firm founded and directed by Baltasar Garzón.

The firm is made up of lawyers specialising in different fields of law who are personally selected by the director based on their distinguished professional attributes and devotion to the defence of basic citizen rights in all of its spheres, including environmental rights and the protection of ecosystems.

Legal Strategy and International Legal Coordination

ILOCAD offers legal advice and defence counsel in the fields of criminal, civil, commercial and administrative law, working alongside acclaimed professionals in the different countries where it carries out its work. It also offers support on issues concerning appeals to international human rights organisations and courts, dispute resolution and arbitration, coordinating complex defence cases that call for action in various countries and different courts, all of which is carried out through a formidable vocation that fosters the comprehensive protection of our clients' interests.

International corporate protection

ILOCAD offers extensive and comprehensive support and protection to its clients embarking on international expansion, providing the safest legal framework to launch business ventures with guidance from Baltasar Garzón as their consultant and international representative.