Consultancy services on international legal cooperation

ILOCAD has vast experience in international court proceedings where different rules are applied that enable these types of cross-border trials in criminal, civil and commercial matters.

ILOCAD constantly updates its knowledge on providing testimonies via video-conference, letters rogatory to obtain and handle evidence, European Arrest Warrants, European Evidence Warrant, orders freezing property or evidence, seizures, non-custodial pre-trial supervision measures, recognition of protection measures and financial penalties, in addition to the different Community rules regarding judicial proceedings.

In addition, following the entry into force of Law 29/2015 of 30 July on International Legal Cooperation on Civil Matters it is necessary to have direct and thorough knowledge on matters concerning the recognition of foreign judgments, the application and proof of foreign law, international lis pendens and connecting factors, and issues determining the outcome of domestic judicial proceedings.

ILOCAD constantly updates its knowledge in international court proceedings in criminal, civil and commercial matters