Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

The design and development of a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan in the company offers countless benefits, in addition to optimising the company's work processes and methods.

The main advantages are:

  • Increased productivity and cost reduction.
  • Improved corporate image and position in the sector as an argument from authority.
  • Alignment of the company with policies seeking improvement and efficiency, commitment to human resources, the environment and sustainability.
  • Standing out from rivals.
  • Improvement of image conveyed to the customer and consumer.
  • Improved company performance.

ILOCAD works with its corporate clients, proposing a set of objectives aimed at drawing up a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan engaged with business ethics, and setting out the essential accompanying measures.
This guidance in creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan includes the following actions and proposals:

  • Analysing the company's situation and scope in terms of CSR.
  • Setting up the social responsibility team within the company.
  • Training those involved in the CSR plan.
  • Identifying target groups.
  • Designing actions with the CSR Plan and establishing protocols.
  • Parallel actions: Communication, Activity Report, Performance Reports...

ILOCAD offers the client competitive intelligence and documentation services with the aim of ascertaining the facts and circumstances that could impair the client's defence