Protection of the rights to honour, privacy and self-image

Alongside the services offered by ILOCAD, a cross-cutting communication service can be set up to elaborate and implement the necessary actions in line with the client's needs in order to protect their honour, privacy and image and the right to be forgotten.

This comprehensive communication service in all processes will entail objectively and accurately revealing the progress, events and proceedings, highlighting the difficulties, incidents and any type of tampering, where applicable, for the purpose of producing findings on the reality of the situation. It also draws attention to obstacles, false allegations or proven facts, as well as the available evidence, in order to approach the case from an objective perspective.

Comprehensive communication

Via this communication service ILOCAD guarantees enhanced protection of the image of clients requesting or requiring it. The actions that may require this service include:

  • Setting objectives and developing strategy
  • Design and production
  • Media plan
  • Implementation of actions

In this regard, ILOCAD works with the affiliated communication agency INTERNATIONAL MADES COMMUNICATION, specialists in both corporate and personal overall image (360 degrees) campaigns within a national and international scope.

ILOCAD works to protect the public image of its clients during any legal process